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QUICK UPDATE: Road Crack Fill

QUICK UPDATE: Road Crack Fill

The crews are on their way to Chemeketa Park this morning, November 14th. This is our last dry day, so we are hoping to finish the community TODAY.

If you see the crews working, turn around and take another route. We must let the fill dry for 3-5 minutes to be effective. DO NOT drive over the fill if it’s just been applied.

Thank you for your patience.

Road Crack Filling begins Monday, November 13th

Beginning today, November 13th crews will begin filling the cracks in the roads throughout the entire Park. Please read this IMPORTANT information:

Schedule for Road Crack Filling:

  • Crews begin work Monday, November 13th 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. each day.
  • No road crack filling on Wednesday, November 9th to allow for trash pick-up.
  • This work will depend on weather. They cannot work if the roads are wet, so we hope we get some work done today.

During the road crack fill process, the streets will be open to traffic, but you may experience a 3-5 minute delay where crack fill is underway. Patience please….

Please park in garages and off pavement to keep cars off the road in order that we may address all cracks. This is important.

Pedestrians and vehicles may resume driving on the surface 3-5 minutes following crack fill application, but each person will assume their own responsibility for walking/tracking/slipping on material.

Please refrain from turning steering wheels on new crack fill while vehicles are not moving or the material will tear.

Any injury to persons or property resulting from walking or driving on surface during the construction process will be the sole responsibility of the person(s) walking or driving on the surface. That person(s) or vehicle will be noted and charged for any injury, property damage and or excess costs resulting from their actions.

Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation!

WATER UPDATE for Friday, November 10th

WATER UPDATE for Friday, November 10th

CPMWC would like to thank our community for stepping up and conserving water while the tanks were able to refill. While we are not at the optimum water levels yet, we are close, so the emergency restrictions are released.

As always, please be aware of your water use and conserve water in every way, every day. We have a precious resource that we must stay constantly aware of.

Be well and thank you.

WATER UPDATE for Thursday, November 9th

The Good News is that we are refilling the upper water tanks. According to our Water Operator, we can use some water but with SERIOUS RESTRICTED USE for the next two days.

Ideas to help you conserve:

Only very full dishwashers.

No clothes washing machines yet.

No running water when washing face and brushing teeth.

Short showers – turn water off while you lather up with soap.

Toilet – the popular saying – if it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown, flush it down.

Use bottled water for drinking and cooking.

No watering outdoors – it will rain by next Wednesday.

If you have other ideas to share, please do….

Thank you for your patience.



As many of you already know, we are having a water emergency. Our Water Operator and his staff are already on scene. They have identified the problem and are working to resolve it. The water treatment equipment, aka Water Boy, failed and is being repaired. We have transferred to the Montevina Pipeline and are producing abouat 35 gallons/minute. The Clearwell tank and the tanks at the top of Ogallala all need to be refilled. It will possibly take a day or two to get back to where we should be.

So, please STOP using all water. Bottled water for drinking, cooking, washing hands. No washing clothes, dishes, watering plants, etc. No flushing of toilets – put TP in a waste can and keep the lid closed. Sorry to be so blunt, but we use water a lot! ;)

The BEST thing we can do right now is to notify your neighbors, spread the word, and help each other out. We will keep you informed in our regular ways – website, newsletter, and Nextdoor. Please use your POD networks.

We will keep updating you all as we get more information. Please pass it on…