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Be Aware - Tree leaning on wires on Comanche near Nez Perce

Chemeketa Park Community Members:

Please be aware of a fallen tree heading down Comanche Trail at the first big curve past Nez Perce Trail. The redwood is currently resting on the communication and high voltage wires and could pose a risk to safety. PG&E Emergency Line has been contacted and notified of the situation and will be sending an emergency crew ASAP. We will update the community as soon as possible on the situation and repair.
Thank you

Monthly Board Meeting Minutes from December 8, 2022

Please click on the link below to take you to the Monthly Board Meeting Minutes. We post the minutes so that each of us has access to the latest information in regards to our water, our roads, and our Park in general. Enjoy.

Board Meeting Minutes 12/8/22

Please REDUCE WATER USAGE during the storms this week - Dec 26 through Jan 1

Hello Neighbors,

As the pitter patter of raindrops begins to fall on our rooftops, this is a quick reminder that during rainstorms such as this will be, we MUST CONSERVE WATER. It sounds contra-intuitive, but we cannot process water during rainstorms because of the turbidity. Which means we will NOT be producing water all week from Moody Gulch. If we don't conserve enough, we must purchase water from SJW.

So….PLEASE REDUCE YOUR WATER USE for the next week. We expect rain tonight, Monday, through tomorrow, Tuesday. Then we have more coming Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Thank you for your support. Living in these beautiful mountains also necessitates being responsible stewards of our environment.

Happy New Year!

UPDATE: Mandatory Water Conservation - Dec 18, 2022

UPDATE:  Mandatory Water Conservation on 12/18/22

Water leak is possibly found. 

Please continue to CONSERVE through ALL OF MONDAY, 12/19/22, in order to let tanks recover. 

Thank you for passing this message on to all of your neighbors.



The water plant has been making water consistently for over 24 hours but is unable to keep up with water usage. There is a strong suspicion there we have a leak in the system.

Please check in and outside of your home for leaks and also when you are out and about in the Park.

At the same time, please REDUCE use of water ASAP.

If you find a leak, please contact Cypress Water (Miles) immediately at 831-594-2620.