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The water plant has been making water consistently for over 24 hours but is unable to keep up with water usage. There is a strong suspicion there we have a leak in the system.

Please check in and outside of your home for leaks and also when you are out and about in the Park.

At the same time, please REDUCE use of water ASAP.

If you find a leak, please contact Cypress Water (Miles) immediately at 831-594-2620.

Chemeketa Park Awarded a Small Community Drought Relief Program Grant for $1.8M

The Small Community Drought Relief Program grant proposal that we have been working on the past few months was AWARDED to Chemeketa Park on November 21, 2022 for $1.8M!!. This is a game changer for the residents of Chemeketa Park.  The work must be completed by December, 2024. 

Here is a link to the article posted by the Division of Water Resources (DWR) about a few of the grants the state awarded. We are waiting to receive the funding agreement. We are using the funding agreement template as a guide until we receive our official version of the agreement which is being drawn up now.

UPDATE: Water Conservation Status 12/9/22

Please continue to conserve water by spreading out your water intensive chores over the next few days, until the water levels are more stable.  We don’t have to be quite as restrictive right now.  While we have made progress over the past two nights, water recovery rates are slowest during the day.  So it would be helpful if you only did one of those loads of laundry each day that have piled up on your floor. ;)   The plants are being taken care of nicely with Mother Nature.  But, seriously, please don’t use water for unnecessary tasks for the next few days. Thank you for your commitment to help stabilize our water storage efforts.


UPDATE: Water Restrictions one more time

Wednesday, 12/7/22 until Friday morning, 12/9/22

The water upgrade requires one more tweek and water levels are at a critical low right now. Please restrict water usage to only absolutely necessary for next 24 hours and reduce usage until Friday morning.

Thank you for your support!

CPMWC and Cypress Water Services

Mandatory Water Restrictions Wednesday, 11/30 through Monday, 12/5

Mandatory Water Usage Restrictions Due To an Important Water System Upgrade

Wednesday, November 30, 2022, Thru Monday, December 5, 2022

A crew will replace a section of the water transmission line near the water plant pumphouse. During this time, Cypress Water will endeavor to keep the water storage tanks located at the Upper Ogallala Tank Farm as full as possible. Your assistance with the goal is needed. Please be water conscious and reduce water usage during this critical water system upgrade.

The work will begin on Wednesday, November 30, 2022, and continue through Monday,December 5, 2022. The water plant will not produce water while the transmission line work is in progress. During the evenings, Cypress Water will fill the tanks. The success of refilling the water tanks will depend on how much water the community has conserved during the day and evening.

Replacing this section of the transmission line pipe will enable our Water Master to maintain storage tank water levels.

As a reminder, when it is raining, the ability of the water plant to produce clean turbidity-free water is reduced.  Purchasing water from the San Jose Water Montevina Pipeline may be required to maintain safe water storage levels at an additional cost to the community.  FYI - Rain is in the  forecast for this Thursday, 12/1.

Water conservation is a year-round responsibility for us all.

Thank you for your efforts during this vital water system upgrade,

CPMWC and Cypress Water Services