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Update: Emergency Water Situation 1/16/23 6:15 pm

The broken pipe from the Montevina Pipeline has been repaired. Water is being transferred into the redwood clearwell tank. Once it reaches the 11’ level, the pump will start sending water to the upper storage tanks. Depending on how full the storage tanks get overnight, we can probably open tanks back up tomorrow in early afternoon.

We are very close. Please keep up with water conservation efforts when the tanks are opened, so everyone has a chance to do a few things to get back on track with your families. If everyone starts doing laundry right away, we will be in trouble again.

The SWRCB, Division of Drinking Water advises residents of Chemeketa Park to only use boiled tap or bottled water for drinking and cooking purposes as a safety precaution. Cypress Water has provided CPMWC with Boil Water Notices (English and Spanish) from the State of California. There is also a Fact Sheet with information on What to Do During a Boil Water Advisory. These notices will be posted on the Chemeketa Park website at Please take a look and follow the instructions to have a safe re-entry into our water system. These instructions will be in effect for 72-96 hours.

Thank you for your patience. Water is a resource we sometimes take for granted. But it’s hard to be without it. Gives thought to making sure we keep this precious resource clean and plentiful. We will send the “ALL IS GOOD” message hopefully at some point tomorrow.

Be well…

What To Do During a Boil Water Advisory

What To Do During a Boil Water Advisory

Boil Water Notice - English

Boil Water Notice - English

Boil Water Notices - Spanish

Boil Water Notice - Spanish


To: Chemeketa Park Community

On Sunday, 1/22, there were “leak warnings” as the tanks could not keep water in them. At first, the thought was we were running low on water due to suspected leaks in the distribution system. The community identified two possible leaks in the park. Then a major leak was discovered at the connection between the Montevina (MV) Pipeline and the redwood clearwell tank at the water plant, where a tree branch severed the supply line connection. Because of that break, we were unable to fill our storage tanks at upper Ogalalla.

Repairs are currently being made.

Once the MV Pipeline connection repairs are complete, we will be able to begin filling the redwood clearwell tank at the water plant. When that tank is full, we will be able to pump water up to the upper Ogallala storage tanks.

It will take approx. 24 hours to give the community a normal day’s use of water. The community will need to maintain strict water conservation efforts to give the system a chance to resume normal water operations.

Once the community is given notification that they can start to resume water usage, all water should be considered NONPOTABLE AND MUST BE BOILED prior to use for drinking or cooking. An official notification will be sent out later today giving more details about water usage and when the need to boil water is no longer required.

Additionally, please adhere to strict water conservation protocols for at least 24 hours. When you have been given the “all clear” to use water, it is recommended that you turn on an outside hose bib to clear air out of the line. There may be brown water in the system, so you are advised to either run water in your tub until it is clear or run water through your hose bib until it is clear, before you use it for any purpose.

Please stay tuned. We will let you know the timing of this as soon as it becomes available.