To: Chemeketa Park Residents - UPDATED

Chemeketa Firewise Advisory

Due to the extended heat wave and increased wildfire fire danger, your Chemeketa Firewise Group wants to remind everyone to be vigilant about fire safety in our community.

The Fire Danger level is currently Extreme and most likely will remain that way through at least the next week or so.

Remember that the higher Fire Danger levels will last throughout the summer and into early fall. The change in Fire Danger is due to the high temperatures and low humidity levels. Light, flashy fuels are easily ignited under the current conditions because of low fuel moisture content.

Due to the high risk of accidental fire ignition, please do all potential spark-inducing activities before 1000 AM or later in the evening when temperatures are lower and fuel moisture content improves with cooler temps. Also, a charged hose line shouldbe available during any such activities.

We are also approaching a long Fourth of July weekend, so please do not use fireworks here in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The results could be catastrophic.

If you have any additional questions regarding HIZ Assessments, Home Hardening, and Defensible Space activities, please check out the Cal Fire, Santa Clara County Fire Department, or the Santa Clara County Fire Safe websites at:

Chemeketa Firewise offers HIZ (Home Ignition Zone Assessments) to help you understand your property's needs to help harden your home from the spread of a wildfire in or near our community. You can find most of Chemeketa Park's and other important information at

Be Firewise and fire-safe always.

Your friendly Chemeketa Firewise Group