OPERATIONS MANAGER Position for Chemeketa Park Mutual Water Company

Chemeketa Park Mutual Water Company is looking for an Operations Manager. This would be a paid position and would ideally be a community member who has a basic understanding of how things work in Chemeketa Park and with the Chemeketa Park Mutual Water Company (CPMWC)…or is willing to learn. This person can also be an outside contractor who is willing to take on a part-time, as needed position.

Hours will vary month to month. Work will be performed on an “as needed” basis.


  • The person doing the actual work must be insured and a licensed contractor in good standing.

Here are some areas where the Board of Directors see this position being necessary to support the community:

  • The Operations Manager will be the first line of contact from community members when help is needed regarding water leaks or water issues.
    • Answer all questions, comments, and issues received by phone, email, or text message.
    • Manage the “Upgrade List” for necessary improvements to the water plant and distribution system.
    • Create and update an approved plumbing contractor list for use in emergencies.
  • The Operations Manager will address and manage Water Leaks:
    • Field calls about possible leaks.
    • Utilize the chlorometer in determining the type of leak.
  • The Operations Manager will be the contact person when contractors are coming out to repair something at the water plant, Clubhouse or emergency fixes of different types.
    • Identify roadside edges that need vegetation management.
    • Maintain and upgrade Clubhouse and playground areas as needed (per Maintenance List already created).
    • Be the contact person when needing to remove downed trees blocking roads.
    • Coordinate with contractors and Board members when repairs need to be made and the community may be affected.

If you are interested in learning more about this Operations Manager position and have the skill set to perform the tasks above, please contact the Board of Directors via the website at https://chemeketapark.org/contact/

Thank you,

Chemeketa Park Mutual Water Company