Top 5 reasons why we need to clear brush and ivy from our roads:

1. It improves firefighter safety and makes it easier for them to work.
2. Firefighters won’t have to drive through a wall of flames to protect our homes.
3. Roadside brush clearing strengthens and widens the existing fire lines already created by roads. This helps all of us.
4. Retaining walls covered by ivy add a flammable material to an existing fire break.
5. The point of roadside edge clearing is to improve visibility for both citizens and emergency vehicles, reduce the chance of roadside edge fire ignition and to reduce heat in the event of a fire.

Here are the specs:

  • - Grasses and other light vegetation should be no higher than 4 inches tall and cleared 10 feet up from the side of the road (or to the fence line).
  • - Trees that overhang the roadway should be limbed up 14 feet and other trees 10 feet.
  • - We understand that this isn’t always possible. We are targeting 4 specific species: english ivy, broom, blackberries, and grasses.
  • - And, don’t forget to look at your property from all angles! It’s a jungle out there!