Saturday, August 15 – Sunday, August 16 9:00 a.m.

  • Do your part to clean up our neighborhood
  • Now is the time to clean up around your house and property
  • Get rid of the things you couldn’t put in the chipping pile.
  • You’ve already paid to have the dumpsters here. Use them!
  • IMPORTANT: No hazardous materials such as paint of any kind, no oil, gasoline or other flammable or toxic substances and no tires. These items are then left behind and now become a safety issue for the rest of us.
  • NO concrete, dirt, trees, engine parts, televisions, computer monitors, refrigerators/freezers, medical or hazardous waste (including paint and batteries) allowed inside the dumpster.


  • Dumpsters are available for the membership on Saturday and Sunday for ONLY one weekend.
  • There will be (3) 20 cubic foot dumpsters.
  • Please DO NOT use the dumpsters Friday or Monday.