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95033Free and 95033Talk groups

A reminder to all park residents that there are two excellent online Groups covering the 95033 zip code.95033Free ( Free Recycling is...


Chemeketa Park workdays & maintenance recognition

The Community Association is collecting funds and materials to run an irrigation pipe from the clubhouse to the planting beds.  After this is in place, they will install a watering system for the new plants.  The Board approved a donation of $300 from clubhouse...


Find Chemeketa Park on Facebook and Twitter!

A big thanks to board member Dave Casper for these! FacebookTwitter


Community Garden

If you participate in the Kalapuya community garden and/or would like to learn more about the method of gardening used there, check out these workshops on Oct,1st.  GROW BIOINTENSIVE Workshops offer an...


A Special Thanks to Richard Buxton

Many thanks to Chemeketa Park resident Richard Buxton  for his contribution in helping to clean up the park by trimming weeds around the clubhouse and along Apache.