95033Free and 95033Talk groups

Posted: 5/5/2013 7:42pm


A reminder to all park residents that there are two excellent online Groups covering the 95033 zip code.

95033Free ( Free Recycling is all about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It's better for someone else to reuse your item than recycle the materials in it or have it end up as trash.

This also means finding people near us to minimize energy use and pollution. The better we care for our planet, the better it takes care of us (and our kids).

If you live (or work) in the 95033 Community and can resonate with the Free Recycling principles above, we welcome you to join!

95033Talk ( is a community based communication tool for anyone living in the 95033 zip code or related areas (Santa Cruz Mountains/Los Gatos Mountains). 

Use this group to do things like:

  • notify of upcoming events in the Mountains
  • arrange a car pool
  • ask for recommendations 
  • organize an event
  • find a running buddy, babysitter or cat sitter
  • raise an alert 
  • arrange a litter patrol 
  • notify of a lemonade stand/bake sale (for Loma 8th grade DC trip!)
  • announce an open house, horse show or garage sale