Chemeketa Park workdays & maintenance recognition

Posted: 11/20/2012 3:10pm


The Community Association is collecting funds and materials to run an irrigation pipe from the clubhouse to the planting beds.  After this is in place, they will install a watering system for the new plants.  The Board approved a donation of $300 from clubhouse maintenance budget to help fund this project.  

The Community Association organized volunteers to work on the planting beds at the entrance to the playground last weekend, November 3rd.  Please stop by to admire the new garden.  Thanks Jody McCalmont for organizing the project and to all the volunteers who helped: 

  • Luke Meisenbach brought his backhoe to scrape away chips and define the new pathway. This work would have cost $1,000 if we had to purchase the services Luke provided.
  • Dan Markey and George Bruder donated materials to install the rock border around the planting bed.
  • George Bruder delivered soil amendments to the site.
  • The following neighbors helped to expand the front planting beds; build a rock border; incorporate soil amendments; and, install the new drought tolerant, deer resistant, native plants:  David Lombardi, Joanne Woldhagen, Dan Markey, George Bruder, Jody McCalmont, Claire Bruder, Iris and Luca on Blackfoot Trail, Geri Markey, Mark Wallace, Alisa and Paul McKenna
  • Linda Wallace donated the cost for the development of a landscaping plan that identified the plants and other improvements to be installed.  She also purchased the plants for the revitalized front gardens. 

The Community Association plans to have another work day on either December 1st or 8th.  They are waiting for a couple of bids to determine the scope of work.  If anyone has a pile of rocks (approx. 12" in diameter) to donate, please let them know, as they need more material to complete the second planting bed at the entrance to the playground.  If you are interested helping, please contact Jody McCalmont (*Jody's contact information can be found in the November minutes)