Urgent Community Notice - Restrict water usage by 40%

Posted: 5/7/2018 7:00pm


Chemeketa Park’s water filtration system (“waterboy”) will be undergoing significant refurbishment and maintenance beginning Monday, May 14th through Friday, May 20th.  During this timeframe, there will be no water production!

This necessary maintenance will require extreme water usage cuts for all Chemeketa Park residents by 40%.

We will need to seriously conserve before, during and after this period of time to allow for adequate pre-event water storage, and then replenishment of water system storage.  

Therefore, we need all residents to stop all outside water usage, including automatic irrigation systems effective this Thursday, May 10th and continue that conservation until about May 24st. Also, it will be necessary to reduce inside water usage by 40%, to prevent the expensive use of San Jose Water Company’s Montevina Pipeline.  We will keep the community updated via Nextdoor and the Chemeketa Park website (visit at

Here is a summary:

  • Water filtration system refurbishment and maintenance
  • Conservation efforts need to begin no later than Thursday, May 10 and possibly go through Tuesday, May 22. 
  • 40% reduction of inside water usage
  • No outside water usage, including automatic irrigation systems
  • Start water reduction early so adequate pre-event water supply is high
  • Continue water reduction after the system is back online so as to replenish water system storage

Plan ahead this week to water plants and do laundry. Then hold off until the refurbishment is complete and water resources have been replenished.

You can check out some websites for ideas on how to conserve.  Try

If you have any questions, please contact us

Thank you very much for your assistance in conserving water.