Notice of the annual general meeting - June 4th, 2017

Posted: 5/4/2017 3:18pm


NOTICE OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING with proposed bylaw changes to be held on June 4, 2017

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Chemeketa Park Mutual Water Company will be held on Sunday, June 4, 2017 at 1:00 pm at the Clubhouse.  Members must be in good standing either to vote or to assign a proxy.  Signed proxies may be presented to the Board Secretary at the meeting or beforehand.

Bylaws may be repealed or amended only by the Membership at a General Meeting.  This year, the Board of Directors has two changes to consider at the annual meeting.

A community member proposed changing to the bylaws to remove Section 2.6.3.  The Board does not recommend making this change, but agreed to present the request to the membership for consideration.

Section 2.6.3  Any Member who has reached the age of 62 years and who resides in his or her qualifying dwelling shall be entitled to a 10% reduction on all regular monthly assessments levied by the Corporation.

The financial impact of this change would be additional revenue of $5,342 for the 2017-18 fiscal year.  This is a revenue increase of 1.8%.

The Board recommends changing Section 5.1.5, which describes road projects that require prior approval by the Board of Directors.  It was pointed out that this section requires approval only for the specific activities listed, which are installing a pipe, drain or conduit.  The Board recommends adding sub-section, such that approval shall be required for all maintenance and improvement projects.

Section 5.1.5  Approval required.

  •  No person or agency, whether public or private, shall construct or install any pipe, drain or conduit along, under or across any roadway or make any excavation or cut therein for such purpose without first obtaining permission to do so from the Board by mail, email or by appearance at a regular monthly Board meeting. 
  •  Approval shall be subject to agreement between applicant and Board as to methods and procedures to be employed.  The Board shall provide guidelines for performance of such work.
  •  The provisions of this paragraph shall apply to all public utilities, including any company providing electricity, gas, data or telephone service.
  •  No person or agency shall perform road maintenance or road improvement work without first obtaining permission to do so from the Board of Directors.



2017-05-01 Annual Meeting Notice.pdf